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PASTOR - Dr. HENRY Wolmarans

After graduating from the inaugural 1980 class of Rhema Bible School in Johannesburg, South Africa, Henry Wolmarans founded the Word of Faith Church in Welkom, South Africa.  Welkom is well situated in the heart of the gold mining region, where hundreds of thousands of migrant workers come from all over Africa to work.  This was a “gold mine” for missions.  In only nine years, 7,500 people were saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.  More than 650 graduated from the church’s Bible School.  Upon returning to their own countries, 27 went into the full-time ministry, and 16 started their own bible schools.

In 1990, he handed the church over to his assistant pastors and elders, and immigrated to the United States with his family to start a new church Harvest for Christ and Bible College in San Diego, California.

God's Plan for Your Life

In the beginning when God made man, He made him perfect. He wanted man to be His friend.

But, God did NOT make a robot. He gave him a powerful gift that men and women were supposed to use wisely: the gift of choice, a free will. Man used this powerful gift adversely and plunged the entire world into a cursed state, separated from God’s provision. God judged this action as sin and penalized it with the death sentence. Separated from God, man died spiritually instantly but he also began to age and die physically.

This death sentence was extremely serious because it affected the entire human race forever, since everyone born after this first man Adam would be born subject to this curse and under the punishment of death. As a result of Adam’s action his sin was passed onto his children and their children; therefore in Adam ALL have sinned.

With these three paragraphs, Dr. Henry Wolmarans begins the teachings for which God has called him and prepared him.  God does have a plan for your life, and this book is a road map for following that plan into the arms of salvation.

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