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Distant War -
Recollections of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

A freelance journalist’s observations and recollections of Southeast Asia, in the decades following the Vietnam War.  Part exploratory journalism and part unofficial history, Distant War combines photographs, interviews, and personal insights from people on both sides of the conflict to reveal a side of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia that few Americans have ever seen.  Marc Yablonka pulls back the curtain on a region struggling to understand its past and determine the course of its future.

Selected for's Top 100 Books on Laos.

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The Allemagne Deception

A friendship formed in World War II may be the only thing that can stop World War III…

Berlin, 1945 — A U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and a Soviet Army Lieutenant comb through the bombed-out ruins of the Nazi capital, searching for evidence to be used in the war crimes trials at Nuremburg.  They are two warriors from opposite sides of the Iron Curtain, drawn together by shared revulsion for the inhuman atrocities of the Third Reich.

Two decades later, America is embroiled in the Vietnam war and the U.S.S.R. has become a ruthless empire of communist oppression.  A team of U.S. military intelligence officers in Munich play deadly games against KGB operatives, traitors, and assassins.

The Soviet military crashes across the border of Czechoslovakia, smashing all resistance beneath the treads of their tanks.  The invasion of Western Europe has begun, and NATO is not ready for the assault.

The Cold War is about to go hot…

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1961- Sliding Toward Armageddon

‘When the lamb opened the first seal, I heard the first living creature say, “Come and see!”  I looked, and there before me was a white horse.  Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest...’

In April of 1961, a pair of covert CIA operatives interrupt a dead drop in Tehran, and make away with information intended for the Soviet Union’s international network of spies.  The contents of the intercepted package are strange.  Four envelopes with elaborate wax seals, enclosing four cryptic passages from the Bible’s book of Revelation.

The members of a U.S. Army Intelligence team in Munich are convinced that the biblical references are the signal for a major Soviet offensive against the United States. As President John F. Kennedy trades threats and political jabs with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, U.S. intelligence agents play a lethal game of cat and mouse with the KGB.

At stake are the future of West Berlin, andquite possiblythe continued existence of the human race.  The world’s nuclear superpowers are rushing toward what may be their final confrontation.

The countdown to Armageddon is on…

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The Double-Sided Man

There are the enemies you know about, and the ones you don’t…

Coriolanus is a secret and subversive organization composed of former intelligence operatives who have gone rogue.  Their agents are a shadowy cabal of spies, con-artists, embezzlers, forgers, burglars, and assassins, all dedicated to a single mission—bringing down the United States of America.

To stop the deadly conspiracy in its tracks, Tallifierro and Fasbender—an unlikely pair of CIA officers—must unravel the mysteries surrounding a long-dead double-agent known only as “Q.”

Any move could be their last, because they’re up against the Double-Sided Man.

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A House Divided

The story of the political battle between President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin for the political leadership of the Republican Party and the moral leadership of the nation.

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and the power-grab by the Soviet Union to elevate itself to the status of the world's foremost nuclear power, the deadly serious struggle between "Ike" and "Joe" played itself out from September of 1952 through December of 1954 amidst the machinations of larger-than-life historical characters such as Stalin, Churchill, Truman, Taft, MacArthur, Marshall, Nixon, Alger Hiss, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, the Kennedys and Roy Cohn.

The underpinnings of the Eisenhower-McCarthy political wars were Communist infiltration of the U.S. Government, the Korean War and the bruising anti-communist movement, later called "McCarthyism"--culminating in the raucus Army-McCarthy Hearings and the U.S. Senate's censure of McCarthy in 1954.

The colorful characters and drama-filled events could alone have provided the stuff for a good novel were it not for the fact that it is all true.

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Medals, Flags and Memories


On November 15, 2005, John and Stacey Holley unwillingly became Gold Star Parents. Their son and only child, U.S. Army Specialist Matthew John Holley, was killed along with three other Soldiers when an IED exploded under their Humvee while on patrol in Iraq.

Racked with grief over their son’s death, John and Stacey’s sorrow turned to outrage when they learned that Matthew’s casket would return to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field as common freight. There would be no honor guard to welcome this fallen hero back to the nation of his birth. Instead, Matthew Holley’s remains would be transferred by forklifts and baggage handlers, like a crate of auto parts.

Determined to welcome their son home with honors befitting his sacrifice, the Holleys embarked on a quest to challenge the law, and to begin a journey of healing that would touch the lives of Gold Star Families across the country.

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The Final Salute


At a small air base in Louisiana, family man and seasoned fighter pilot, Tuck Westerfield's life could literally crash down around him.

Haunted by the memories of dead friends killed in air mishaps, this Vietnam vet and father of three must deal with a devious commander, an animal-crazed neighbor whose husband hates pilots, a beautiful, but suspicious wife and a rebellious teenage daughter.  The last thing he needs is another war.

But when Iraq invades Kuwait in the middle of a muggy Louisiana summer, duty calls.  Tuck and the other pilots in his squadron head to the Middle East.

Back in Louisiana, Gina Westerfield and other military wives learn that war is hell on the home front too.

Later, when tragedy strikes, everyone at Beauregard Air Force Base must pull together and live on or forever be consumed with grief.

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The Quest for Forgiveness


From orphan to superstar...

Singer-songwriter Brianna Bays rose from obscurity to the center spotlight.  She had everything...  fame, talent, beauty, and one of the most successful music careers in history.  The world was her stage, but the screaming adulation of her fans could not fill the hole in her heart.  Her past was shrouded in shadows, some of her own making, and some of which she was trying desperately to pierce.

No amount of success could bring her the one thing she needed most...  Forgiveness...

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A Quest for Skye


Doctors Morgan and Tammy Hamilton take a vacation from their pediatric clinic in Saint Paul, Minnesota to board a cruise ship for the Mediterranean.  Devastated by Tammy’s third miscarriage and the news that she will never be able to bear children, the couple hopes to use the fourteen day cruise to regain their emotional footing.  But life has other plans for them.

Among the passengers is Skye, a nine-year old girl with an irrepressible spirit, and a passion for living that touches everyone around her.  Infused with hope and a belief in a loving God, Skye becomes the daughter that the Hamiltons could never have.

But despite her open and honest nature, Skye is surrounded by ominous questions.  Was the accident that killed her parents truly an accident?  Or was it sabotage?  Why are news reporters hounding this innocent child?  What secrets are concealed in the laboratory clinic on the island of Kardia?  The truth—if they ever find it—can bring a government to its knees, and thrust national power into the hands of men who will not hesitate to shed the blood of innocents.

The Hamiltons are drawn into a struggle to protect the little girl they’ve come to love.  As everything they value begins slipping away from them, these hardnosed and pragmatic doctors suddenly find themselves praying for a miracle.

When the miracle comes, it’s not at all what Morgan and Tammy have in mind.

Because Skye has been praying too...

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The Quest for Freedom

Six American soldiers still held as prisoners of war, four decades after the fall of Saigon...

When the last US troops withdrew from Vietnam in August of 1973, a handful of men were left behind.  Penned like animals in the bamboo cages of their captors, they have long since lost track of the hours, the weeks, and even the years.  For these men, the war is not over.  They continue to fight it every day, as they are beaten and tormented in retaliation for battles that have all but faded from memory.

But in the squalid darkness of their cells, they forge a brotherhood of shared suffering, reinforced by the struggle to maintain their faith in a God who seems to have forsaken them.  In this place of unending misery, a tiny flame still flickers in their hearts.


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The Quest of the Sultana

He was a man of chivalry, justice, and love...

Brooke is the daughter of a wealthy Southern landowner.  Barrett is a hymnist and a renowned concert musician from the North.  They’re from different worlds, but somehow fate has conspired to bring them together.  When the tensions between North and South reach the breaking point, the entire nation is swept into the struggle that will one day be known as the Civil War.  Brother pitted against brother.  Father against son.  Families torn apart, and futures shattered beyond any hope of repair.

Now, separated by distance, and blood, and pain, Barrett and Brooke must find out if their love is stronger than war.

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Island of the Phoenix


Captain Michael Hollands, United States Army Air Corps, is a combat-hardened pilot, battling Nazi fighter planes for control of the skies over North Africa. His life is difficult and sometimes it’s brutal, but he understands his place in the world, and he understands the rules. Then an unexpected change of orders yanks him out of familiar surroundings, and sends him half-way around the world to fight the Japanese in the South Pacific.

Shuffled to an obscure air base in the Solomon Islands, he discovers that his assigned unit has transferred to a new operating area, taking their aircraft with them. Without planes or official sanction, Hollands must beg, borrow, and steal to build a fighter squadron that will take the war to the enemy’s doorstep.

But nothing can prepare him for what happens when he crash-lands on an unnamed island behind Japanese lines. Marooned among a handful of heroic survivors, he is about to discover the true meaning of loyalty, patriotism, courage, and love.

The Japanese Imperial Navy has no idea what’s in store for it. And neither does Mike Hollands...

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Who's Minding the Store?


Derrick Payton, assistant manager of a high-end home improvement store, has been waiting nine years for a promotion to full store manager.  Now, the job has fallen into his lap.  Unfortunately, the store he’s been handed is on a downhill skid, and he only has a week to turn it around.

Now he has to battle crazy customers, employees who think the time clock is optional, and the dreaded Wicked Witches of the West—a pair of back-stabbing female associates who are determined to see him go down in flames.

His wife is pushing him to ask for a raise; his staff is trying to push him out the door; and his customers are about to push him over the edge.  Caught in the middle, Derrick can’t help but wonder...

Who says the customer is always right?


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Secrets - Stories From Behind the Great Curtain of Life

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’  Fred Steen takes Shakespeare’s famous theatrical metaphor to heart, by giving his readers a peek into the secret world behind the great curtain of life, into that shadowy place backstage where the audience never sees.  Have your tickets ready, and find your seat quickly.

The First Act is about to begin...

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Dare Not Blink


The Old Man is dead.  Langdon Elerbee—the chairman and founder of Elerbee Engineering—has been struck down by cancer, and the multi-million dollar company that bears his name has devolved into clandestine corporate infighting.  The company president, Jeff Wylie, has kept the old man’s illness a secret, so no one but Wylie is prepared to exploit the power vacuum created by Elerbee’s death.  Now, Wylie is quietly pulling strings and making backdoor deals to consolidate his own position at the top of the pyramid.

Dave Paige is a young gun.  A regional vice president at age forty-two, he’s one of the company’s rising stars.  He believes in playing the game the way that Elerbee himself had played it: with loyalty, integrity, and a personal devotion to excellence.  He suddenly finds himself going head-to-head with corporate backstabbers who will pull every dirty trick in the book to achieve their own short-sighted goals.

Dave isn’t just fighting for his job, or the millions of dollars at stake, or even for the company he has grown to love.  He’s fighting for the soul of corporate America, and no one is guarding his back.

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From A to Z What a Veteran Means to Me!

A children’s primer that introduces young readers to the culture of America’s Armed Forces, through engaging text and beautiful illustrations.

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“Dulce et Decorum est…”

Popular movies have offered viewers a glimpse into the Vietnam War, but few address the reality of being a soldier in the conflict.  Pachyderms is based on the true story of a soldier’s experience during the unpopular police action.

Young and anxious for a first military assignment, Dan Coobat is shocked to discover his first duty post is one to an aviation unit in a nonexistent outfit.

With overwhelming obstacles and little formal training, Danny and brothers set about to create the 312th Aviation Company.  Danny quickly discovers:  “What the soldier sees (or hears) is NOT what the soldier gets.”

Eventually, Danny is faced with an even tougher battle...  Coming back home to America.


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God's Plan for Your Life

In the beginning when God made man, He made him perfect. He wanted man to be His friend.

But, God did NOT make a robot. He gave him a powerful gift that men and women were supposed to use wisely: the gift of choice, a free will. Man used this powerful gift adversely and plunged the entire world into a cursed state, separated from God’s provision. God judged this action as sin and penalized it with the death sentence. Separated from God, man died spiritually instantly but he also began to age and die physically.

This death sentence was extremely serious because it affected the entire human race forever, since everyone born after this first man Adam would be born subject to this curse and under the punishment of death. As a result of Adam’s action his sin was passed onto his children and their children; therefore in Adam ALL have sinned.

With these three paragraphs, Dr. Henry Wolmarans begins the teachings for which God has called him and prepared him.  God does have a plan for your life, and this book is a road map for following that plan into the arms of salvation.

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Twist of Fate

In May of 2013, tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, most notably causing severe destruction in the city of Moore.  Dreams were shattered, homes were destroyed, and lives were lost.  Almost immediately, authors and artists joined together so that their expressions of emotion could be put to good use.  The dozens of authors and artists who contributed to this anthology represent caring people from all over the world.  Our effort has combined to create the anthology TWIST OF FATE.  This inspiring collection is a wonderful way to make a difference for those who truly need it the most.  The proceeds from this book go to the May Tornadoes Relief Fund, managed by the United Way.

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I Hear No Bugles

There's the Hollywood version of war.  Then there's the real thing...

Robert Mercy and his twin brother, Richard, grew up watching Hollywood’s idealized depictions of the glory of war.  Fueled by the action and on-screen heroism of movies like Dawn Patrol, Beau Geste, and The Four Feathers, Robert dreamed of the day when he would be old enough to take up arms in the defense of his country.  He wanted to go ‘over there,’ where the fighting was.  Where there was glory to be had, and the heroes of America’s military would welcome him into their ranks with open arms.

There was never a more willing soldier, but the physical demands of ‘the line’ were unimaginable.  Worse was the onset of disillusionment upon witnessing, as the campaigns wore on, egregious military transgressions that would never be shown on film: The breakdown of discipline, failings in officer and NCO leadership, cowardice, desertions, robberies of the wounded and the dead, and the shattering reality that in extremely tight combat situations, it became “every man for himself.”  How different from the movies...

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The ABC's of Titles for Tiny Tales

The ABC’s of Titles for Tiny Tales is a mixture of fun titles, vibrant illustrations, and creative page borders.  This extraordinary book is filled from A to Z with child-friendly writing prompts that may be used by teachers and parents to challenge children to write or tell stories of their own making.  This book may launch a child forward to a writing career.

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