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J. L. Rothdiener was born in Syracuse, New York.  Raised in Lakewood Colorado, he and his wife of thirty-eight years now reside in Bolivar, Missouri.  They have two sons, and three wonderful grandchildren.   Rothdiener has had a lifelong passion for writing and began submitting articles to magazines and newspapers for publishing at an early age.  He believes that God has given him the ability to write stories which can help change lives.

The Quest for Forgiveness


From orphan to superstar...

Singer-songwriter Briana Bays rose from obscurity to the center spotlight.  She had everything...  fame, talent, beauty, and one of the most successful music careers in history.  The world was her stage, but the screaming adulation of her fans could not fill the hole in her heart.  Her past was shrouded in shadows, some of her own making, and some of which she was trying desperately to pierce.

No amount of success could bring her the one thing she needed most...  Forgiveness...

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A Quest for Skye


Doctors Morgan and Tammy Hamilton take a vacation from their pediatric clinic in Saint Paul, Minnesota to board a cruise ship for the Mediterranean.  Devastated by Tammy’s third miscarriage and the news that she will never be able to bear children, the couple hopes to use the fourteen day cruise to regain their emotional footing.  But life has other plans for them.

Among the passengers is Skye, a nine-year old girl with an irrepressible spirit, and a passion for living that touches everyone around her.  Infused with hope and a belief in a loving God, Skye becomes the daughter that the Hamiltons could never have.

But despite her open and honest nature, Skye is surrounded by ominous questions.  Was the accident that killed her parents truly an accident?  Or was it sabotage?  Why are news reporters hounding this innocent child?  What secrets are concealed in the laboratory clinic on the island of Kardia?  The truth—if they ever find it—can bring a government to its knees, and thrust national power into the hands of men who will not hesitate to shed the blood of innocents.

The Hamiltons are drawn into a struggle to protect the little girl they’ve come to love.  As everything they value begins slipping away from them, these hardnosed and pragmatic doctors suddenly find themselves praying for a miracle.

When the miracle comes, it’s not at all what Morgan and Tammy have in mind.

Because Skye has been praying too...

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The Quest for Freedom

Six American soldiers still held as prisoners of war, four decades after the fall of Saigon...

When the last US troops withdrew from Vietnam in August of 1973, a handful of men were left behind.  Penned like animals in the bamboo cages of their captors, they have long since lost track of the hours, the weeks, and even the years.  For these men, the war is not over.  They continue to fight it every day, as they are beaten and tormented in retaliation for battles that have all but faded from memory.

But in the squalid darkness of their cells, they forge a brotherhood of shared suffering, reinforced by the struggle to maintain their faith in a God who seems to have forsaken them.  In this place of unending misery, a tiny flame still flickers in their hearts.


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The Quest of the Sultana

He was a man of chivalry, justice, and love...

Brooke is the daughter of a wealthy Southern landowner.  Barrett is a hymnist and a renowned concert musician from the North.  They’re from different worlds, but somehow fate has conspired to bring them together.  When the tensions between North and South reach the breaking point, the entire nation is swept into the struggle that will one day be known as the Civil War.  Brother pitted against brother.  Father against son.  Families torn apart, and futures shattered beyond any hope of repair.

Now, separated by distance, and blood, and pain, Barrett and Brooke must find out if their love is stronger than war.

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