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Vietnam In Verse

Vietnam in Verse:

A book of poetry, telling my story when I was a grunt in Vietnam. I served there from March 1968 until March 1969.  My unit was Delta Company, 3rd Battalion of the 7th Infantry in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade.  Our motto was “Light, swift and accurate.”  It could have easily been “light, sweaty and persistent.”  We were mobile and proved it every day.
The stories I tell are about friends, vets I have met in various situations and my own experiences in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia.  I continue to seek stories that inspire, concern, and delight me.  They make me thoughtful, proud, and committed to their telling.

I have more to write and will continue to listen to the veterans I encounter on life’s road.  There are 8.2 million of us, so I am sure I will not get to everyone, but to those from whom I have already learned and those in my future I offer my gratitude, my respect, and my thanks.

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