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Vietnam In Verse

Vietnam In Verse:

Mike ‘Moon’ Mullins has seen the Tiger and brought home the tale.  Mine and many other vets from Our War that need telling.  The wall of silence has been in place too long.  Our service and sacrifice is also part of the long tradition of Warriors who have defended America.  For some of us the pain as never ended.  Mike has found the words.  Read ‘em and weep.  You will never be the same if you do.

D. H. Brown, author of Honor Due, and Honor Defended

Mike Mullins’ 32 poetic stories are a deeply satisfying ration of memories from a Veteran’s soul filled with the language and images of that war, homage to Veterans from earlier wars and thoughts about our post-9/11 warrior sons and daughters in this current one against terrorism.

Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

Mike’s poems are rare gifts to us Vets, he gets it right down to the marrow of the bone with us!  The biggest gift that Mike has been blessed with, is the ability to allow others who were not in Vietnam, to clearly understand his/our emotions as we went through our individual experiences in The Vietnam War.

Thomas V. Gunn, Sgt USMC (1965-1971) DaNang, South Vietnam 1970-1971

I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Mullins read some of his poetry last year.  I am so happy to see that he finally published a book of poems.  I WILL be buying copies for my friends and family who are vets.  Thank you Mike for giving a voice to so many of our heroes that never made it home.

Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

For the past couple of months I have been sitting 3-4 hours a day with a Viet Nam Vet that has suffered from PTSD and now Dementia. His wife has made it clear to me several times that she can't stand to be around him - she has to get out of the house.

When I first started sitting with him, all he would do was sit and stare. I would tell him every day if he wanted to talk, I would listen and he could talk about anything that he wanted. I finally got a break-through last week.

He asked me if I ever heard of Nam. I said yes and explained that my late husband was a Nam Vet. The next day I got there and he said you know it was a rough deal and I agreed. He then asked if I had a computer to which I said yes and asked him if he would like me to bring it.

We sat for about an hour reading about Nam on the computer when he asked if I would like to see some pics. We probably went through about 500-600 pics.

Friday I decided to try something a little different I took your books with me and I asked if he would like me to tell him something about the book and then asked if he would like to hear some of the writings... I have been reading Vietnam in Verse: Poetry for Beer Drinkers today and I had seen a smile on his face - the first ever... I wanted to let you know that your books have helped me with this VET and I hope you don't mind...

I don't know how things go when I'm not there but I'm sure it's not good because his wife has made it quite clear that she wants nothing to do with him and his problems...

I offered to take him to his meetings and appointments to see if I can get him to open up since she says all he does is sit and stare during them...


I know that reading your books has helped me and I truly believe that I can make a little difference in this man's life with them also...

Just wanted you to know!!!!!


Kings of the Green Jelly Moon

Kings of the Green Jelly Moon:

The gems included in the small little volume apply healing salve to the Vietnam Veteran's heart. Well worth adding to any vets collection.

Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

Out of the Mist

Out of the Mist:

Thank you, Mr. Mullins, for the honesty that allows the reader to see veterans "out of the mist." You provided the window and the mirror. In 2011 this book won the Founder's Award presented by the Military Writer's Society of America. It is the most prestigious award given by this distinguished group. It is a well-deserved award.  (Click Here to read the entire review.)

— Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

Out of the Mist is so well written it pulls the reader right into the experiences of the WW II Veteran who has kept his silence for 70 years, as well as the Vietnam Vets who have suffered the wounds of society for over 40 years.  The stories are poignant to the point that the reader should keep a box of tissues handy.  It has changed how I view the elderly man or woman in the grocery line or the Dr.'s office.  I wonder what kind of stories they have locked inside that we will never know about unless someone like Mike Mullins finds them and puts a recorder down and encourages them to open up and help us understand those who have paid a great price for the freedom so many take for granted.  Thanks, Mr. Mullins!

— Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

This is a wonderfully written book.  As a widow of a Nam Vet that really never heard stories from my husband it helped me to understand why he would never talk about his time there.  I'm glad that Mr. Mullins was able to put his words to the story and I'm glad that I had the privilege to read it.  The love that he has for his COUNTRY as well as HIS FAMILY shows throughout the book.  Please, if you get the chance to read this book, do so.  I know it will touch your heart as it did mine.

— Five Star Amazon.com Reader Review

Mike Mullins is both a healer and a veteran.  I think his being a veteran led to and enabled him to be a healer.  He helped to heal the authors in this anthology by providing them with an opportunity not only to speak, to write, but to be heard.  Their words come unmediated, straight from their guts and hearts, opening a window into their memories, their burdens, that we civilians would otherwise not have a clue about.  As Dr. Ed Tick, author of War and the Soul, teaches, a veteran's experience is not theirs alone.  It belongs to all of us, as we civilians sent them to fight in our names.  The stories here belong to all of us, and only by reading them and owning them, can we truly claim willingness and commitment to supporting our troops.

Mullins has been a midwife, bringing forth the possibility of new life for the veterans who shared their memories with him.  Because silence only keeps the trauma preserved.  Speaking, sharing opens up space within and new possibilities without.  Thank you, Mike, for bringing these stories to us!

— Leila Levinson, author of Gated Grief

Mike Mullins has put together a wonderful book.  Out of the Mist puts the struggles and surprises of war in human skin.  Through his gifted storytelling, Mullins brings you right into his interviews with veterans and their lives in war.

— Four Star Amazon.com Reader Review

Moon says it just as it happens.  No embellishments only the facts, thank you.  If you don't laugh and cry, you're already dead.  These are the stories we need to remember and never forget.  Well done, Brother.  Thank you.

— D. H. Brown, author of Honor Due, and Honor Defended

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed "Out of the Mist" I think you really nailed many of the questions many of us had when we went to Nam and when we came home. I can relate to so many of your experiences and those of your friends. I laughed and cried out loud. Thanks!! Would you be willing to be on Veterans Radio to talk about your book and maybe give some advice on how to tell a "war story?"

— Dale Throneberry, Veterans Radio Network

I finished "Out of the Mist: Memories of War" and you said a lot that cries out within me, my friend.

— Rick Heronemus

Great Book!  Keep up the good work.

— Sabrina R. Wilds