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VVA Veteran Books In Review - June 2016

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Mekong Circle International - August 2016

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Military Writer's Society of America - August 2009

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Veterans Today - October 2009      

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Burbank Leader - January 2010

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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Aviator - January 2010

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Purple Heart Magazine - January 2010

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Defense Tracker - March 2010

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Rob Ballister - April 2011

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American Authors Association - May 2011

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Other People's Books - June 2012

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Esprit de Corps - October 2012

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Roanoke Times - May 2013

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VietNow Magazine - An Unforgettable Portrait - May 2014

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Marc at the Burbank Library Local Authors Showcase with authors Erich Martin Hicks (left), and Charles Norman Stevens, World War II Army Air Corps B-17 bombardier, (right).

Marc (far left) with members of the Southern California chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, who are about to undertake an overdue scrubbing down of a Cobra gunship at the Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, California.  Marc's friend LTC, ret. Gene Boyer, author of the book Inside the President's Helicopter is fifth from the left.  Photo courtesy of Sven Akesson.

— Mrs. Sybil Stockdale, Wife of the late Vice Admiral Stockdale 

“Dear Marc,

Thank you so very much for sending me a signed copy of your book Distant War.  I most certainly will add it to my Vietnam library and look forward to reading it.  I’ve already skimmed through it and found some really interesting passages.  I’m finishing up my own book now, so as soon as I am done I will give your work the attention it deserves.
Again, I really appreciate your generosity and look forward to reading your book.
With best wishes from West Point.”

— Gregory Daddis, Colonel, Professor of History at West Point 

“I was very pleased to have been able to visit with you Saturday night at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  I will be looking at the web page and reading some of your writings.  I am glad you are doing what you are. So much still needs to be written about the Vietnam experience.  I hope we can cross paths again and continue our conversations.
Semper Fi.”

— Larry Wilson, First Lieutenant, USMC Vietnam, FBI, ret.

“Just finished Distant War. Fantastic. You are one hellova writer.
Semper Fi.”

— Dick Hrebik, Vietnam veteran and Author of Corps Vet and The Warrior Among Us

“Hang loose, Marc...  I'd like to have you as a guest again on an upcoming show this summer.  Like Paris and Hemmingway, your book is a 'Moveable Feast'.”

— Rod Utech, Radio Host, KHNC - Johnstown, CO  (POW/MIA Radio)

“Your book arrived!!!  Three cheers, I like the cover—including your pix on the back, good choice and I knew immediately where it was taken!  My first visit there was profound for me. Lively great prologue, then Bert took it and looked through the book and read me your acknowledgments—thank you.  I was proud to walk the journey with you at the beginning—how proud I am of you and of the book, which I will get back soon.  Again, bravo, cheers, and hurrah!”

Noël Riley Fitch, authorized biographer of Julia Child, award-winning biographer and historian of expatriate intellectuals in Paris during the first half of the 1900s

“I love your stories. They have so much depth. I just want to reach that kind of impact too. You know me, and that makes me proud.”

— Michael D. "Moon" Mullins, author of Vietnam in Verse: Poetry for Beer Drinkers; Vietnam Veteran, Delta 3/7, 199th Light Infantry, '68-'69; Vice-President, Military Writers Society of America

“Have been reading each chapter of Distant War.  Great job!!  ...your work is so well done and I would like to do a review on our next Veterans TV Hour segment in a few weeks.  I really appreciate how your writing experience and expertise, along with great journalism, makes this book special.  A Vietnam combat infantry vet myself, I can't agree more with the other reviews in that it brings many perspectives to that war which are rarely offered. Thanks, Marc!”

— Rick Seaman, co-producer, Veterans Network, "online TV for America's Veterans.”

“Just in case you're wondering if I were reading it.”

— Marc's High School Classmate, Mike Chadwick, U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran

“Thank you for the copy of your latest book Distant War.  It is a distinct break from traditional research and memoirs on previous wars.  Your very human and personal approach to the myriad characters was refreshing and interesting.  I appreciate your thinking of me and providing this great addition to my personal library.  Enclosed is one of my coins.  Please accept it in appreciation of your thoughtfulness and for your service in our State Military Reserve.”

— William H. Wade II, Major General, Former Adjutant General, California National Guard, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Joint Forces Command–NATO Response Force

“It is a truism that everything that can be said about Vietnam, Watergate, and that terrible era in our history has been said or written.  Marc Yablonka proves this wrong, as he explores those days from odd and untouched angles.  He creates an unforgettable portrait of something you thought you knew well, and find you did not know at all.”

— Jim Morris, author of War Story

“Marc Philip Yablonka has written and assembled a darned good book about a long ago war that sometimes gets lost these days in the rumble of more contemporary cannons. In the 40-plus years since I left Vietnam as a Marine Combat Correspondent and an Associated Press war correspondent, I thought I had read everything that could be said about the place I first knew in 1962 as "a dirty little war.  I was wrong.  Thanks, Marc.”

— Steve Stibbens, Combat Correspondent for Stars and Stripes, Leatherneck Magazine, and the Associated Press

“I got your book, thank you, and am almost finished with it.  It's a outstanding read.  There is a lot of info in it and interesting facts to top it off.”

— Paul Harrington, USAF, ret. Stars and Stripes reporter in Vietnam, and Associated Press Photo Editor

“Kudos on your book.  It's a very interesting read, well written and well researched.  Glad you righted the wrong done to the Air America guys.  Can't believe there was still a Huey lying in the weeds at Cu Chi as late as 1990 [cover photo].  Cu Chi was my first duty station flying with the 116th Assault.”

— Richard Jellerson, Storyteller Films

“I was reading your book on the plane to Kentucky last month, and it brought tears to my eyes — the Kim Phuc story sent those tears quietly down my cheeks. ”

— Kenn Miller, via email [Kenn was in Vietnam with the 101st and later wrote Tiger the LURP Dog and Six Silent Men.]

“The book arrived today and I just have to say, the covers are spectacular.  When I opened the envelope, I saw the back first.  The wall section [Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.] is or is close to, Panel 3 East (Ia Drang), one of significance to my family.  The wall always moves me.  I want to thank you for signing the book, and your thoughtful comment.  I very much appreciate it.  It makes the book more special to have your signature!  In reading the prologue, I know you wrote from the heart.  I promise you that I will give your words their due, and will read the book in its entirety, and I will let you know when the review is set to be posted. T hank you for getting the book to me so quickly!  I cannot wait to begin reading it.”

— Karen St. John, columnist for www.VeteransToday (via email)

“Congratulations!  Thank you for your love for Vietnam and its people and for being such a passionate journalist.  From the moment I opened the book, I couldn't stop, page after page.  The names, the faces, the places...  Distant War brought back a lot of memories.  And thank you for your friendship.”

— Kieu Chinh  [Kieu Chinh was in the Oliver Stone-produced film Joy Luck Club.  She also was in the films Hamburger Hill, The Children of An Lac, Last Flight Out, and in the TV series “M*A*S*H.”  During the war, she starred in the films A Yank in Vietnam with Marshall Thompson, and Operation CIA with Burt Reynolds.]

“Firstly, it was good to see you in L.A.  Secondly, thanks very much for the copy of your book - I found it really interesting and was especially interested in the Cathy LeRoy chapter.”

— Tim Page, Vietnam War Photo Journalist

“Marc Yablonka captures the nuances and sidelights of Vietnam and the personalities of the war in Southeast Asia.  I spent two years flying Army helicopters in this conflict, and Marc brought out some views that I was not aware of.  Combat is not all war stories and he artfully fills in a lot of the blank spaces for veterans like me.  His writings will help others understand the war better.  Yablonka has a skill and it shows in his recent work.  Hope there is more to come…”

— LTC (Ret) Tom Lasser, RVN, 1967-68, 1968-70, U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot and Former California National Guard Liaison to the Governor


I started your book yesterday and finished a few minutes ago.  It was hard to put down.  I am looking forward to your next.  Happy New Year.”

Steve Schofield, Green Beret, Vietnam; Medic, United States Agency for International Development, Laos

“Awesome book.  You really did a good job in showing the varied sides of war through each individual's perspective.”

— Betty Kilbride, Host of All Fired Up Radio's Military Monday Show

“Thanks for the book.  Just started to skim it over; the pictures are fabulous.  Especially the Huey you found in 1990.  And the ammunition still on the ground at Khe Sanh.  Thanks Marc.”

— Steve Tomaszewski, Host of Soldiers Family Radio & TV

“Marc, you’re the best!!! Thanks for everything.”

— Gene Price, Country Music Disc Jockey, Armed Forces Network (1970s to 1990s)

“You are awesome.  Thank you so much for what you do to make sure that none of our brothers and sisters are ever forgotten.  What you do is so touching and helps the new generation understand the ultimate sacrifices of those who reached out to serve their country.”

— Carol L. Olmstead, Run for the Wall Foundation

“Your book arrived yesterday, for which thanks.  Some really interesting vignettes in there...”

— Richard Pyle, Associated Press bureau chief-Saigon, 1968-73

“Thanks for the book. It will be added to my personal library.  I opened the mail and started reading.  Sixty pages later, I realized I had to put it down for a while.  Very good read.  Your ability to transition from person to person or event to event is amazing.  I am not a reader in the truest sense of the word.  I do not love to sit in the chair and read all day.  A book has to apprehend me and drag me to the next page.  A well written book dares me to put it down.  Your book is a darer.

— Green Beret Col. Paul Longgrear, U.S. Army, ret.


Thank you for your Distant War book!  Skimming through this volume, it was fun to see names and places I am familiar with.  Your cover photo is haunting and very descriptive of the conflict in Vietnam.  Seeing a young Steve Stibbens and little brother Nicky Ut is a treat.”

Chip Maury, Photographer for U.S. Navy UDT/Seal Team One & Stars and Stripes, Vietnam


I received your book, Distant War--Recollections of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia delivered to KUED.  Thank you so much.  Very thoughtful.  What a talented man you are, and with such grand perspective on the war via your connections, photos, and writings.  I look forward to reading this in full.”

— Sally Shaum, Associate Producer, KUED TV, Salt Lake City, UT 

“I could have listened to you talk about the book all night!  I didn't realize how little I knew about that time until I picked up your book.  I would love to honor it with a written piece on CN Salutes.  I think everyone should read it!”

— C. N. "Cindy" Bring, Author of Military Mysteries, The Pact, The Lie, and The Truth 

“Congratulations on your piece in the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association annual.  Nice job.  Wolf sends.”

— Marvin Wolf PIO, 1st Air Cav, An Khe & Author, with Nguyen Cao Ky, of Buddha's Child: My Fight to Save Vietnam, Family Blood, For Whom The Shofar Blows, and Fallen Angels

“Marc, Enjoyed your interview on the CN Bring Blog.  You have always been a soldier to me and I have appreciated every effort you have made.”

— COL Bill Fortier, U.S. Army, ret.

“I'm delighted to see how well you've done with your journalism career.”

— Nancy Baker Jacobs, Former Journalism professor at California State University-Northridge, and author of Ricochet, Star Struck, Desperate Journeys, and The Turquoise Tattoo

“Marc, Thank you for the detailed and comprehensive review!   As a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, I was especially impressed to see our book “Abandoned in Hell: The Fight for Vietnam's Firebase Kate” reviewed by you in the Purple Heart magazine.  Again, thank you and thanks for coming to the Pasadena event.”

— CAPT Bill Albracht, U.S. Army, ret



Thank you.  It was a privilege to get to know you.

My most cherished memories from my time as the Czar will be all the great people like you I had the chance to meet.

Can't put a price tag on that!


Paul R. Bruno
The Career Czar


You are most welcome but I am the one thankful for you as our guest.  It is great to have you with us and you are a interview.  Your book is such an eclectic compilation of material and facts, it is a pleasure to read.   I hope you'll keep me posted on your new book re Laos and we can have you back.

Thanks again.


Rod Utech
KHNC Radio
Johnstown, CO  (POW/MIA Radio)


I got to thinking about what interested me in your stories in the first place.  You were an editor's dream (and still are, I presume).  Why?  Because you wrote about what interested you and stirred your passion.  You did your sourcing.  You did your research.  And you did a thorough job of reporting.  Several years ago when I was writing about the wine industry, an exceptionally fine and well-known winemaker told me that 80 percent of winemaking happens in the vineyard, before the first grape is picked.  I think that also applies to storytelling: 80 percent of the work -- the sourcing, research and reporting -- must happen before you sit down in front of a blank page and start sweating beads to blend everything together in a written gem.

Tom Skeen
Former Bureau Chief, Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo
Currently Special Editions Editor of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Thank you again for the written endearment and autograph.  I've already cut a large swath through your text and I can see that your book is a well laid out story.

Robert Winston Mercy
Korean War veteran, Actor, and Author of I HEAR NO BUGLES

You have elegantly described Air America's participation in the Southeast Asian conflict.

Bob "Nobs" Noble
President, Air America Association

Bob Caron, Air America Pilot

Authors who write positive information about Air America are always welcome.  Marc, you are a friend to Air America, and have been extremely helpful with our quest for proper recognition by introducing me to many of your friends and colleagues who are writers and talk show hosts.

Allen Cates

Emotionally Stirring Accounts...

In Marc Phillip Yablonka’s “Distant War: Recollections of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia,” the military journalist captures numerous historic perspectives impossible to find anywhere else.   By interviewing military veterans, renowned journalists, photographers, doctors, humanitarians, and a host of others who survived the deadly conflicts in Southeast Asia, a complex picture of controversial events takes shape in a profound way.

Click here to read the rest of the review.

Charles Shea LeMone

— California Enlisted Association National Guard of the United States 



Many thanks for sending me your book, "Tears Across the Mekong"!   Once I got to reading it, I couldn't put it down (except to get to work, eat, sleep).   I finished it in days.   It brought back many places, people, situations, and familiar circumstances.   Even the arch on the front was less that a block away from where my family lived.

Joe Westermeyer, MD, PH.d University of Minnesota

Just thought I would tell you I enjoyed “Tears Across the Mekong," especially the chapter that about Larry Woodson.  It sure does bring back a few memories.

Jack Huxtable, USAID Laos

I met Marc Yablonka in late summer 2005 in Lafayette, Louisiana while he was doing research on his book Distant War: Recollections of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  ...  His newest book, Tears Across the Mekong, is good reading penned by an excellent reporter.  You might learn something you didn’t know.  I highly recommend his book."

Allen Cates, Author of Honor Denied: The Truth About Air America and the CIA, and Full Circle

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