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Interview with Franklin Johnson III, Joshua Kim, Kevin Yu - Another War

Interview with Author C.N. Bring - CN Salutes Chief Warrant Officer-2 Marc P. Yablonka.

Interview with Bonnie Kaye on Books of Excellence (BlogTalkRadio).

Interview with hosts Tom Gauthier and Dari Bradley, on Military Author Radio.

Interview with host Denny Gillem, for Frontlines of Freedom - Military Talk Radio.

Interview with host Lt. Raymond Foster, LAPD, ret., for Conversations With American Heroes (The Watering Hole).

Interview with host Geoff Metcalf, for Genesis Communications Network.

Interview with host Rod Utech on his POW/MIA Radio show, airing on KHNC Radio, Johnstown (Ft. Collins), CO.
The show was simulcast around the world online via the American News Network.

Career Czar show discussion on the topic of Military Journalism. 

Interview on Veteran's Network -- 11 Bravo.
(Marc's interview begins approximately 3:32 into the broadcast)

Interview on Firebase Network's Veteran's Hour with host Rick Townsend.

Author Appearance and Speaking Engagement at the Military Writers Society of America 2009 Conference, Orlando, FL.
    Open Mic (Part 1)
    Open Mic (Part 2)
    Open Mic (Part 3)   

Interview on Veteran's Radio Network.

Veteran's Radio Network discussion about membership in the Military Writers Society of America. 


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