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Fred Steen is a retired Soldier.  During his thirty years of active duty, he served three tours in Vietnam as a LURP Team Leader, a platoon sergeant, and a first sergeant.  All of his tours in Vietnam were spent in combat commands, living and leading the finest fighting men in the U.S. Army.  As an outstanding sky trooper of the First Air Cavalry Division, Fred was awarded the Purple Heart, the Air Medal, and the Combat Infantry Badge.

He now lives with his wife Heidi, in Ostfildern, Germany.

Secrets - Stories From Behind the Great Curtain of Life

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’  Fred Steen takes Shakespeare’s famous theatrical metaphor to heart, by giving his readers a peek into the secret world behind the great curtain of life, into that shadowy place backstage where the audience never sees.  Have your tickets ready, and find your seat quickly.

The First Act is about to begin...

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Team Shaka: Long Range Recon Patrol

This hard-hitting authentic thriller is based on the true story of the US First Cavalry LURP Team, sent on a mission behind enemy lines to break a plot that involved the distribution of several tons of uncut heroin freely amongst US soldiers in South Vietnam.

According to recently-released CIA documents, those implicated in the plot included the Chinese and Russians, as well as the Vietcong.

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Based on the true-to-life experiences of the author growing up on the cotton plantations in Mississippi.  Bluesman is the story of a young man whose dream was to play, sing, and preach the blues.

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Black Knight Alfa: The Most Feared Infantry Unit

Sergeant Fred Steen served in Vietnam with the notorious Infantry Rifle Company, Black Knight Alfa, also known as The Dragon Slayers. Tough, disciplined and unpredictable, the men of this unit were so feared that the Vietcong leaders warned their own personnel against engaging Black Knight Alfa in combat.

This is the story of war at its toughest, of a special American fighting unit - mean as junkyard dogs - fighting against all odds, and winning.

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